This article on Hawaii island hopping is intended to give you an idea of what you could encounter if you visit the islands.

From Kauai, you may go island hopping in Hawaii.

Have you ever fantasized of taking a family trip to Hawaii? With crystal clear blue seas and spectacular sunsets over the ocean, your family is making memories together. It may appear difficult to top, but Hawaii is a holiday paradise that is only restricted by your imagination.

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands. As a result, the most deteriorated. Wind, rain, and waves have carved deep gorges and dramatic peaks into the island throughout time. Reservations are required for the most popular trail, known as the Kalalau Trail. Those who are fortunate enough to receive a permit can enjoy a small, meandering road that round high cliffs before finishing at a private sandy beach.

The majority of island hopping in Hawaii is done by flight — what better way to enjoy the beautiful aerial vistas of your favorite holiday spot?

If you reside on Oahu, Honolulu airport is 35 minutes away from Lanai airport, which is only 3 miles from the city of Lanai. Flying is perhaps the best way to go from Oahu to the other major Hawaiian islands (Big Island, Maui, Kauai, Lanai, and Molokai).

Other activities, such as kayaking the Wailua River, trekking Waimea Canyon, surfing Hanalei Bay, or paddle surfing the Hanalei River, provide an amazing outdoor experience in one of the most beautiful places on the earth.

Island Hopping From Kona to the Big Island

The two main airports on the Big Island are at Kona and Hilo. Direct flights from the west coast are available. Visitors can reach Hawaii Volcanoes National Park via car (about 29 miles away). Visitors may get to the Hilton Waikoloa Village from Kona Airport (about 10 miles away).

Outdoor activities are popular on Kauai. There’s also world-class scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, and trekking the Big Island’s active volcanoes.

The Kona coast is famed for some of the greatest sport fishing in the state (the 1,000-pound marlin is everyone’s favorite). It also provides divers with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dive at night with dozens of wild manta rays. With a wingspan of up to 4 meters and gathered around an underwater “cleaning station,” the manta rays offer divers one of the greatest aquatic experiences in the state.

The Big Island, as one might expect, is the biggest of the Hawaiian Islands and has a diverse climate and environment. Exploring Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, visiting Heiau, witnessing waterfalls, and attending the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival are just a few of the top things to do on the Big Island. The majority of travelers make reservations in Kona, where there are several resorts.

From Hilo, Big Island, you may go island hopping in Hawaii.

hawaii island hopping

The majority of visitors arrive in Hilo on the windward (east) side of the island. Typically, the leeward (west) side is more inhabited and sunny. If you want to view Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, here is the place to be. There are two active volcanoes on this island. Kilauea erupted in 2018 and is currently lava-free. The public is now unable to enter Manua Kea.

Historically, Hawaiian Airlines was the major airline for inter-island travel, and it continues to be a popular alternative with multiple daily flights. However, Southwest Airlines has emerged as a formidable rival in Hawaii, which is wonderful news for visitors seeking for the greatest offer on tickets to the Big Island, Maui, or Kauai. Southwest Airlines operates from hnl to Kauai (lih), Maui (Ogg), Hilo (ITO), and Kona (koa). However, keep in mind that you will be flying through Honolulu on these flights. So, if you want to fly nonstop from Kona to Kauai, Hawaiian Airlines is definitely your best option.

As you travel throughout the Big Island of Hawaii, you will notice that the microclimates, as well as the ambience and communities, are always changing. Hilo will have a more local vibe than Kona, which I appreciate. It’s also lot greener and more jungle-like. There are also a few snorkeling locations, such as Richardson Beach Park and Keaukaha Beach Park. If you loved Two-Step and the dolphins, you might be disappointed. The cuisine and restaurants, on the other hand, are excellent. For unique flavors, I really like the vegan cuisine at Vibe, the poke at Suisan Fish Market, and Makani’s Magic Pineapple Shack.

Airlines That Service Hawaii

Hawaiian Airlines is the state’s largest and longest-serving airline, with terminals on all four major islands. With an average of more than 170 daily flights inside Hawaii, it is the principal supplier of transport between Honolulu and Lihue on Kauai, Kahului on Maui, and Kona and Hilo in Hawaii. Talk about island hopping in Hawaii! Flights to and from Lanai, Molokai, and West Maui, Hawaiian Airlines, in collaboration with Empire Airlines, operates flights between Honolulu and Molokai, Kapalua, and Lanai via its turboprop business, ‘ohana by Hawaiian.

From Lanai

Fortunately, there are two ferry lines that go throughout and around the Hawaiian Islands. Both lines originate on the Hawaiian island of Maui. These low-cost ferry services run between Maui and Molokai, as well as Maui and Lanai. If you and your family have reserved Maui lodgings, Molokai and Lanai are two ideal island locations. Ferries from Maui to Lanai and Maui to Molokai cost less than half the price of airfares from Honolulu or Maui to Lanai.

Of course, if you want to have an unforgettable island-hopping vacation in Hawaii, a cruise ship is an alternative. You’d assume that there are a lot of cruise ships that travel between the Hawaiian Islands. There are a lot of rules that limit cruise lines from doing so. There are two alternatives: Norwegian Cruise Line and Uncruise Adventures.

Hawaii provides a diversity unlike any other travel route. It has 120 islands, award-winning beaches, magnificent landscapes, and one of the driest and wettest areas on the planet (all on one island). From the North Shore of Oahu, where tourists can witness magnificent (and equally terrifying) professional surfers ride 12-meter waves, to experiencing Hawaii’s lone metropolis, Honolulu, with its dynamic nightlife, Hawaii has it all.

Hawai’i Tropical Botanical Gardens

A “must see” on your Hawaiian trip is located around 9 miles from Hilo in the eastern portion of the island. The garden is located on the Hamakua coast, four miles back from the Onomea Valley, on the picturesque route. This award-winning garden’s stunning entrance is right across the street from a lovely new visitor center with plenty of free parking, surrounded by thick rainforest. As you enter the Hawai’i Tropical Botanical Gardens visitor center, you’ll see the ohi’a beams that support the lanai (porch) roof.

From Molokai

If you stay in Maui, your family can save money on trips to Lanai and Molokai. It is by far the most affordable method to travel between these Hawaiian islands.

The island of Maui, voted one of the most beautiful islands on the planet by Conde Nast Traveler, is a lovely tourist destination that is blessed with a wide range of spectacular natural, cultural, and historical features. Maui, being a tropical paradise, has a very quiet and relaxing environment. This makes it great for men and women looking for a place to congregate away from the rush and bustle of ordinary city life.

Maui is recognized for hosting some of the greatest and most luxury hotels and resorts in the world, in addition to its excellent tropical scenery and success in terms of attractions.

A fast 90-minute boat ride from crowded Maui to Molokai, “the friendly island,” will transport you and your family there. Molokai is the least developed of the Hawaiian Islands. This makes it ideal for families wishing to discover unspoiled beaches and fascinating jungles. The boat sails from Lahaina, Maui, at 7:15, 10:45, and 18:00, allowing you to easily spend a whole day on Molokai.

Planning Your Hawaiian Vacation

What is the best method to have an all-inclusive vacation in paradise? by enjoying a Hawaiian island-hopping vacation! Make the most of your trip by exploring each island’s charm and distinctive attractions. Are Hawaiian volcanoes on your “to-do” list… Perhaps Pearl Harbor… or have you heard about how lovely Hana Road is? Because these spectacular vistas aren’t on the island itself, you’ll have to go exploring to see them.

Hawaii island hopping guide 2022: How to Travel Between Hawaii’s Islands

For the ultimate “island hopping” experience, book an all-inclusive Hawaii island hopping cruise to the Hawaiian Islands.

Is it time to start thinking about your Hawaiian vacation? Much research is ahead of you.

How simple is it to travel between the Hawaiian Islands, how far away are they, what is the cheapest and fastest method to travel between the Hawaiian Islands? Can you travel between the Hawaiian islands by boat, and if so, do you need to book ahead of time? How long does it take to travel between the Hawaiian islands? Should you combine your trip to Oahu with a stay on Maui or a holiday on the big island of Kauai? Which are the best islands in Hawaii for families? Where are the most spectacular hotels or dreamy Airbnb in Hawaii?

Travel to LondonIt might be stressful to plan your first island hopping trip in Hawaii. To avoid feeling as overwhelmed, read this before booking your tickets. You’ll know just how to island-hop in Hawaii. This is the essential travel guide we wish we’d had when we planned our trip. So, let’s get started and figure out the best route to get from one Hawaiian island to the next.

In Hawaii, island hopping is the greatest way to see it all, or almost all! This island has almost every plant zone on the planet, therefore the terrain is diversified. Hawaii is a group of dedicated Hawaii professionals that like the island and will make your Hawaii visit unforgettable. Inter-island flights connect one Hawaiian island to another.

Modes of Travel Between Islands

Planes and boats that travel between Maui, Oahu, Honolulu, Kauai, Hawaii, and the Big Island. The island of Hawaii, is the youngest and by far the largest of the Hawaiian islands. Hundreds of daily flights connect the six main islands.

Some of the most breathtaking scenery is only accessible by boat or helicopter tour. The Napali Coast is one of Hawaii’s most gorgeous coasts and a must-see on Kauai. Hiking, waterfalls, stunning gardens and beaches, and dolphin watching are all available on Kauai (Na Pali Coast). Be prepared for quiet nights if you stay on Kauai. There are no large cities or tourist regions for shopping, such as Waikiki or Lahaina on Maui. All around the island, there are little areas of retail and eateries.

Three weeks is plenty of time to combine the large island with two smaller islands. Alternatively, you may spend your days relaxing on the three smaller islands. Whatever choice you select, after three weeks of island hopping in Hawaii, you’ll have seen some incredible sights.

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